At the age of twelve, Dave could be found on the floor of his bedroom, learning to play guitar to his brothers’ hand-me-down Beatles albums. He drummed in the school band, and by high school, he'd discovered jazz and adopted the upright bass.


Soon after high school, Dave left Virginia to tour with Eddie Stone and Doc Holliday. After years on the road, home called, and returning to Southwest Virginia, he lent his musical talents to local bands like The Worx, The Kings, and Fuzzy Logic as well as local recording studios as a first-call musician, recording on dozens of local albums.

On his debut album, "Desire", Dave paints sonic landscapes that span across musical genres, revealing a wide range of emotions, influences, and musical talents.  

Dave wrote, performed, produced and recorded all the instruments and vocals on "Fallen Angel". This album weaves through genres like a laser-guided missile taking the listener on a hypersonic journey through odd-metered heavy riffs, eastern-influenced instrumentals, ballads, and pop songs.

His latest release, “The Soul Project,” honors the great soul records of the ’60s and ’70s. From Motown to Memphis, each song speaks to the listener’s heart with soaring melodies and head-bobbing beats. Dave’s raucous blues guitar and stirring B3 organ performances from Nashville session ace Dane Bryant create an authentic atmosphere for this charming retro-soul tribute.